PRERNA was supported by Her Choice Trust, Hyderabad with an aim to prevent child trafficking and child abuse problems in Jharkhand. Under this program, we organized awareness programsto prevent child labour and child trafficking problems at the school level for school staff and studentsand at the community level for local people. We created an environmentthrough audio and video media, Nukkad Natak and distribution of handouts, books, etc. Awareness was given to teachers, students&local community on child rights and the different act prevail for the protection of child rights in order to give better care and protection to their children by making them sensitized on child issue and giving protection to their children. We aware community to identify the child trafficking agents and watch their activities and give information to childline centers and local police station and also socially boycott the agents.

In 2018-19, 05 programs were organized at two levels: a) School level for creating awareness of school staff &students and b) Community-level for awareness of the community to prevent child trafficking and child abuse. The details are as follows:

S. No. Program Place Program Date
1. Serju High School 03.12.2018
2. Village/ Community Level 04.12.2018
3. Rajkiyakrit High School Barwadih 07.01.2019
4. Village/ Community Level 08.01.2019
5. Mandal High School Mandal 14.01.2019
6. Village/ Community Level 15.01.2019
7. Saridih High school Barwadih 01.02.2019
8. Village/ Community Level 02.02.2019
9. St. Mikhiyal High School Kutudiri, Mahuwadar 12.02.2019
10. Village Community Level 13.02.2019
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